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SVEC Guidelines

Find information about Safety Drills, Bringing Visitors or Pets, Skateboarding Guidelines, etc.

Category: Defining Overall Progress(0)
We want you to understand what Monthly Progress means in WINGS... as a reminder, every month, between the 16th and the 23rd, parents (if your child has offsite classes) and teachers must enter individual class progress into WINGS. Then, betwee...

Category: Gathering Room Etiquette(0)
1. Clean your table before and after you eat. 2. Clean up your mess on the table and on the floor around you. 3. Clean up toys if your children use them. 4. Wash your dishes or they will be thrown away. 5. Don't consume other people's food in ...

Category: Pets at SVEC(0)
Pets who will be present in classrooms for a period of time should have Animals in the Classroom paperwork on file here in the Main Office. We have the form available for anyone wanting to bring a pet for more than a very quick visit to a class. ...

Category: Safety Drills(0)
When you hear the drill signal (airhorn): For Fire: Gather your students together and evacuate the building following the assigned evacuation route. Be sure to turn out your lights and close your classroom doors on your way out. If your light i...

Category: Skateboards/Bikes(0)
Please do not ride your bikes or skateboards anywhere on the Sky Valley campus. This includes the parking lot, sidewalks and inside the buildings.

Category: Toddler/Preschool Area Guidelines(0)
As requested by Parent Advisory, here are the guidelines for the Toddler/Preschool Play Area Children must be supervised at all times for the safety of all This area is meant for the enjoyment of our non-school age siblings Please help children...

Category: Visitors at SVEC(0)
We love to have visitors, but have a few requests: 1. Please check with classroom teachers ahead of time, as a courtesy to them. 2. Please do not bring a visitor who is missing school somewhere else to visit us. 3. Please have the visiting stud...

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