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This area offers Canvas courses designed for parents i.e. committees, SLP info, math resources, etc.

Parent Canvas -
Parents need to use this website for logging into Canvas.

For first time users please follow these instructions. Please note that for this setup you must use a Chrome or Firefox browser. If an Internet Explorer browser is used you will get an error message.

NOTE: After setting up password in Step 5 - make sure you go to Step 6. Canvas will redirect you to an incorrect login screen for parents.

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Select forgot password
Step 3: Enter your home email address (NOTE: This is the email you have in Wings)
Step 4: Go to your email and click on link to change password
Step 5: Change your password and go directly to step 6
Step 6: Go back to and log in

You should now see the published courses of your children along with their assignments and grades.

Student Canvas -
Students should use this link for logging into Canvas.

How to log into Canvas if you have already activated the school district email account.
Step 1: Click on the above link
Step 2: Enter your school district email account
Step 3: Enter your school district password

How to log into Canvas for the first time
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Log in using your school district email account and school district password
Step 3: After authenticating email address go to above link - student should be logged in now.

Note: If you get a 403 error it is because someone in the family is logged into a google email account AND the student is not logged into their school email account (which is a google email account).

There are two options for solving this problem
Option 1: Log out of all google email accounts, and then go back to the Canvas website noted above. Instead of getting the 403 error student will be directed to enter their email and password

Option 2: Instead of logging out of all google email accounts, student can log in to his/her google account and then go back to the Canvas website noted above. They will automatically be logged into Canvas at that point.

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