“WINGS has simplified parents tasks (they love it!), reduced the work school staff must handle (we love it!), increased educational sharing between families, united us with a common vocabulary, streamlined the paper trail, and cleaned up our student files.”

“I cannot imagine our Alternative School (historically a Parent Partnership Program) running without WINGS. Even in an era of tight budgets, the annual expense for WINGS has never been questioned. PPP’s without it, are minus a great aide in running an efficient program, keeping paperwork manageable, meeting audit requirements, maintaining happy staff, and assisting parents as an integral part of their child’s program. Whether it is scheduling, keeping track of student learning plans, or doing monthly reviews, etc., etc., WINGS is the tool. In the creation of our annual budget, great personnel are the first priority, WINGS is second.”
– Randy Mouw, Oak Harbor HomeConnection

“The WINGS program has become the heart of our communication and support system. The convenience of 24-7 access to information and services for our members reduces our workload dramatically and enhances our professional image. Frankly, I can’t imagine our program with out it.”
– Ron Jones, HEE, Shoreline School District

“WINGS has given us a comprehensive PPP management solution. There’s no way we could ever go back to a paper system!”
– Keith Sanborn, Blaine HomeConnection

“In a world where customer service is hard to come by, WINGS is a standard for excellence in service. Also, I cannot imagine trying to manage ALE documents with “pencil/paper”; We work very hard to stay above board on the multi-faceted ALE requirements and WINGS is absolutely crucial to this work.”

– Eric Sobotta, Three Rivers HomeLink, Richland School District