Category: Curriculum Room(0)
2019-20 Hours: T/W/TH 9:30 - 3:30 The following are some of our more popular curriculum titles. To find a particular title, use the Title Search link under Library heading. Curriculum requests may be made through our CR staff or a Curricu...

Category: Google Student K12 Accounts(0)
Google (Student Version): Shoreline Student Email: First Initial, Last Initial, and student ID EXAMPLE: Username: First Initial,...

Category: Laptop Parent Password(0)
Each student's laptop was assigned a temporary parent password. (Parent's last name.) To change your password: 1. Click on apple in top, left corner of screen. Logout of student account. 2. Sign in to Parent account using temp password. 3. Clic...

Category: Open Gym: HEE Members(0)
Open Gym times are available to HEE families. Adult must be present & responsible for participating students & siblings. Gym should be left clean and ready for next scheduled group. Our shared gym is divided into 2 sides, gym and lunchroom s...

Category: SBA Prep(8)

Category: The WORKS(1)
The WORKS clothing room provides high quality, clean, gently used children’s and teen clothing to Shoreline School District families experiencing circumstances that make it challenging to clothe their children for school. The WORKS is open to...

Category: WOIS(0)
Online student portfolio, career and college exploration. Use the site key to enter and create an account. There's a great deal available. Site key: twc902

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