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SBA Prep

Calculator (Scientific ) for Grades 7 & 8 -
Familiarize your student with the calculator tool provided in the 7th & 8th grade assessment. For a video tutorial, go to:

Calculator for Grade 6 -
Familiarize your student with the calculator tool provided in the 6th grade assessment. For a video tutorial, go to:

Keyboarding Practice -
Dance Mat Typing is a free and fun way to introduce using the keyboard. Use it for 5-10 minutes every day to strengthen your child's typing skills and give them more confidence when they take their annual assessment in May.

SBAC ELA Performance Task Scoring Rubrics -
Informative/Explanatory: Grades 3-8
Narrative: Grades 3-8
Opinion: Grades 3-5
Argumentative: Grades 6-8

SBAC Tools & Functions (Tutorials) -
Quick and easy tutorials explain how to use the tools/functions on the SBAC. 15 topics include: Drag & Drop; Delete; Ways to Answer; Completing Charts, Listening Function, etc.

Science Online Training Test Support -
Scoring guide for the WCAS - the science tests for grades 5 and 8

Smarter Balanced Practice Tests -
The Smarter Balanced Practice Tests provide students with a preview of test questions in language arts, math, and science for grades 5 & 8. The Practice Tests are available in each grade and are similar in format and structure to the actual test.
Please Note: Login information is not required to access the Practice Tests. Simply click the “Sign In” button to begin. To experience the text-to-speech functionality and to test Assistive Technology, the Secure Browser application is required. See Trudi for more information.

Smarter Balanced Practice Tests Scoring Gudes -
The Scoring Guide provides answers to practice questions and explains how they are scored. Writing examples are provided along with scoring rubrics.

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