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Accelerated Reader Instructions

AR Quizzes are on the web and we have access to ALL of the quizzes from anywhere you can get online (including an app for your phone) Monday through Friday until 10pm!

Go to

Your username should be your first initial followed by the first four letters of your last name. ALL IN CAPS. (If this does not work, try adding a 1 or a higher after your name. For example, since Johnson is a common name, mine might be CJOHN7 rather than just CJOHN.)

Your password is your 6 digit student ID number.

What is Accelerated Reader?
AR is a computer program that helps you manage and monitor comprehension. After reading a book, a student can take a short quiz on the computer. Depending on the book level, this might be 5-20 questions. (Passing the quiz is an indication that the student understood what was read.)

In most cases, students really enjoy taking the quizzes. When they are reading books at their reading and interest levels, they are more likely to be successful. AR can help your student choose books at an appropriate reading level that are challenging without being frustrating, ensuring that your student can pass the quiz and experience success.

AR gives valuable feedback based on the quiz results, which you can then use to help your child set goals and direct ongoing reading practice. Even strong readers should be setting goals for improvement. This is satisfying for most students. Best of all, they learn and grow at their own pace.

Now there are also Vocabulary quizzes available that check for understanding of some of the more difficult words from the text. This great feature of AR keeps track of their accuracy and will take the words they missed and bring them back on future Vocab quizzes.

Now you are ready to take a Reading Practice Quiz about your book. The rest should be pretty self-explanatory. From there you will need to enter the title and confirm that it is in fact the quiz you want to take.

You can also print the results of your student’s AR quizzes. On PR Day Mrs. Johnson will run a monthly report of points earned and share it with your SLP Advisor.

Go ahead! Give it a try!

Category: Accelerated Reader App is FREE(0)
There is an app for Accelerated Reader. It is free and all you have to do is enter the school districts Renaissance Place ID when it asks you: EPS-47QG This is a great way to take reading and vocabulary quizzes while you are on the go!

AR Booklist -
Website to check which level a book is for AR

AR Log in link -
Here is the link to log on to take a AR test

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