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Handbook 3): Roles of Home-Link Participants

Roles of Home-Link Participants

The Home-Link Director will:
1. Develop and oversee the Home-Link program under the direction of the administrators of the Loon Lake Sch. Dist.
2. Plan, schedule, and direct the Home-Link activities.
3. Participate in budgeting for the Home-Link program.
4. Participate in the hiring process of Home-Link staff.
5. Communicate with parents and staff.
6. Provide lists of approved instructional materials and submit updated lists of new material to the school board for approval.
7. Oversee SLP Consultants working with distance learning program and on-site students and home-link staff.

The Home-Link Certified Teacher (Student Learning Consultant) will:
1. Develop the Student Learning Plan (SLP) using measurable goals with the parent and student.
2. Help the parent identify and help provide appropriate instructional materials.
3. Maintain regular weekly contact with the student/family. Contact will be face-to-face or electronic.
4. Conduct fall and spring face-to-face review meetings with student and parent and collect work samples for each subject in the ISLP.
5. Supervise, monitor, assess, and evaluate the progress of their student’s SLP.
a) Reviews must be evaluated by the last day of each calendar school month.
b) The first consecutive satisfactory eval and any non-satisfactory eval must be communicated within 5 school days of the date of eval. by direct personal contact: back and forth with parent and students. It can be documented on Wings, but if not, follow up email and/or call. Students may not be counted for enrollment purposes or funding if this doesn't happen.
c) If unsatisfactory progress is determined, an intervention plan must be in place for the student within 5 school days.
d) Satisfactory progress must be communicated with "direct personal contact" within 5 school days the first month, but consecutive satisfactory progress does not.
6. Consult regarding curriculum and instructional material choices and document changes made during the year.
7. Provide testing as required by the state or the school board.

Home-Link Staff:
• Paraprofessionals (HQ) will assist in classes and with testing.
• The office manager will manage the Home-Link office and assist the Home-Link Director. This will include the processing of purchase orders, everything to do with CBIs (Community Based Instructors), reporting to the school board and state, SIP, keeping track of program timelines, deadlines, and too many other things to list.

The Parent /Guardian will:
1. Supervise and assess daily progress.
2. Record average learning hours monthly on Wings Certification of Hours the first of each month.
3. Keep records and samples of the student’s work, providing it to the SLP consultants as needed, until the end of the school year.
4. Take the primary responsibility for the student’s education at home and provide instruction in accordance with the learning goals on the SLP.
5. Communicate progress toward the SLP in the 30 Day Review on the Wings site by the required monthly review due date. Progress should also include monthly test scores in subject matter. The SLP monthly review should also be updated with additional goals and activities, including LLHL field trips from the month.
6. Respond with the student to the SLP consultant comments on Wings after the first satisfactory and any non-satisfactory eval on Wings student comment box for each student within the required 5 days of the first satisfactory eval is completed and any non-satisfactory eval.
7. Work with the SLP consultant to form and follow an intervention plan for any non-satisfactory evaluations.
8. Help the student maintain timely regular weekly check-in with the SLP Consultant, either face-to-face or electronic and respond on Wings for the monthly evals (see 6, above).
9. Notify the Home-Link office if there is any change in personal information.
10. Assist in proctoring the ITBS test for your student if applicable- usually 3rd thru 8th grades for those students enrolled 80% or less.
11. Insure appropriate behavior for students attending Home-Link activities.
12. Take responsibility for all siblings of your student while on site or on outings.

The Student will:
1. Take responsibility and make appropriate effort with learning as planned by the parent and LL teacher on the learning plan.
2. Send weekly email messages to the SLP Consultant if the student is a distance learner with help from parent where needed.
3. Respond with parent to the SLP consultant comments on Wings after the first satisfactory and any non-satisfactory eval on Wings student comment box for each student within the required 5 days of the first satisfactory eval is completed and any non-satisfactory eval.
4. Attend scheduled classes and meetings.
5. Demonstrate appropriate behavior during all Home-Link activities.
6. Do their best with personal contact, school work and testing.

Handbook 1) Welcome to Loon Lake Home-Link: Mission Statement

Loon Lake Home-Link Program Mission Statement

Loon Lake Home-Link Mission Statement

The Loon Lake Home-Link Program was developed to provide support and resources to families choosing to educate their K-8 students outside the typical classroom setting. We operate under the authority of the State of Washington and the laws pursuant to an Alternative Learning Experience (WAC 392-121-182).

Home-Link recognizes the parent(s) as the primary teachers of their children and acknowledges their authority in regard to the education of their students. Although the state mandates it is the full responsibility of the certified teacher to educate the student, our role is to support your teaching, not replace it. The certified teacher and Home-Link will provide supervision toward the learning goals, evaluation of progress, guidance, support, and encouragement. The Home-Link will work with you to meet the academic goals of your students as listed in the ISLP. Weekly communication will be an essential part of meeting those goals and being accountable to the state. We will endeavor to build a relationship based on mutual trust and respect. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact one of our staff.

As the director/ lead teacher of the Loon Lake Home-Link, I am committed to serving the Loon Lake District, as well as my students and parents. I will make every effort to keep open communication with the district and the families we serve.

Submitted by
Monica Coleston
Loon Lake Home-Link Director/Certified Teacher

Handbook: 2) Home-Link Policy and Program Requirements 2014-15-16-17

2) Loon Lake Home-Link Policy and Program Requirements
Released: Aug 27, 2014

Description of the Program
The Loon Lake Home-Link program is designed to provide families, with students in kindergarten through 8th grade, support, guidance, ideas, oversight, resources, and activities, etc, to educate their students while enrolled in an Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) program. Students may be enrolled as full time or part-time in Loon Lake School District.

All students will have direct personal contact with a certified teacher, also known as a SLP consultant: (Student Learning Plan Consultant). Contact will occur on a weekly basis either face to face or electronically. The SLP Consultant is knowledgeable in setting goals and objectives, suggesting alternatives, recommending resources, assessing, and evaluating progress.

Program Requirements
Each month Home-Link students are reported to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction as students in an Alternative Learning Experience. The state then funds the district for each month the students are enrolled. The Washington educational laws governing ALE’s require the following criteria to be met in order for funding to be released to the school district. The amount of funding is tied to fulfilling all the criteria in the state government legislation, interpreted thru OSPI (Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction). The funding is based on what type of program the student is enrolled in, the student's grade level, how many hours the student spends working toward the learning plan, the enrollment % (called FTE) and the learning plan.

The parent/guardian can meet or dialogue with a (Loon Lake Home-Link) SLP consultant prior to enrollment to set up a written student learning plan (SLP) for each student. That initial written plan will include the educational goals for the student with references to the CCSS (Common Core State Standards), GLEs (Grade Level Expectations) or Learning Standards and the instructional materials to be used, a time line and process for evaluation. It will also include the date of the start and finish of the plan, the estimated weekly time spent on learning, the type of communication method expected. The student will not be enrolled before the approval date is written on the learning plan. A copy of the Approved Instructional Materials List may be requested from the family’s SLP Consultant. Specific CCSS/GLEs for each course of study are required. Methods of evaluation and assessment are defined within the Student Learning Plan based on those learning standards/goals. The Loon Lake certified teacher is ultimately responsible for the student learning plan.

The Grade Level Expectations (GLEs) OR Common Core State Standards (CCSS) (added Aug 2015) are recognized as stepping-stones to achieving completion of the student learning for the year. Each student’s family will have access to the state GLE’s, CCSS’s through a link to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) on the Wings site. (Wings is the internet program LL Home-Link uses for documentation of student’s Initial SLP, 30 day reviews, certification of hours, progress review comments and home-page Home-Link news source). Each enrolled student’s family will be given an account on the Wings program when they enroll. The student’s progress toward the completion of the SLP goals must be entered by the parent/guardian on the Wings program every 30 days. That review will then be evaluated for progress by the SLP consultant. Monthly reviews are due NO LATER THAN THE 20TH OF EACH MONTH unless notified of an earlier date. By law, the student may not be enrolled the following month if reviews are not evaluated and documented.

Enrollment and state/ district/program funding is affected for late or missing reviews and/or weekly contacts, or missed face to face appointments, testing or other requierments. District funding is directly tied to student compliance. Students may be withdrawn from the program if two consecutive reviews are late. Access to funds is affected by late or non compliance to program requirements.

The parent of all new students will be interviewed by the director or office manager in person or by phone to assure understanding of program requirements. The parent and student will be required to sign a “Program Compliance Agreement”. The parent will be responsible to use the Wings Training session information on-line or meet or phone conference with the Home-Link director or the students assigned teacher (SLP consultant) prior to enrollment to put their student’s learning plan information into WINGS or edit where requested by the LLHL staff.

Weekly contact with students will be determined by the program plan the family selects. Contact will be via the phone or Internet if an electronic check-in plan has been chosen, and may include face-to-face meetings if enrolled in another plan. Electronic check-in is always preferred when illness is a factor. All students, electronic check-in included, must schedule two face-to-face meetings with the SLP Consultant yearly in addition to the pre-enrollment phone or face-to-face conference. When special circumstances require it, face-to-face meetings may be conducted via web-cam or other electronic methods with the approval of the district superintendent. These face-to-face reviews will occur approximately two months after enrollment and once more between February and June. During these one-on-one conferences all instructional materials and samples of the student’s work in all subject areas in the learning plan should be presented for inclusion in the student file in the home-link office.

SATISFACTORY PROGRESS: Satisfactory Progress toward the ISLP goals in the learning plan shall be documented every month, firstly, by the parent as part of the 30 day review on the Wings program. The SLP consultant’s evaluation will also include evaluations of Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory Progress. If the student fails to make satisfactory progress toward the SLP in the monthly progress report/ evaluation, an intervention plan designed to improve student progress shall be developed and implemented within five school days by the SLP consultant. This intervention plan must be communicated to the student and the parent by the SLP consultant.

DIRECT PERSONAL CONTACT: Each student, with the parent if necessary, will have direct personal weekly contact with a certified Home-Link teacher. This communication may occur face-to-face or electronically depending on the program selected. Documentation of weekly contact will be kept by the SLP consultant and filed in the Home-Link office. Parents certainly may supervise and be included in this weekly contact. Instructions for weekly contact will be communicated, again, in the first week of school and additionally as needed. According to the state, weekly contact is always required regardless of illness, excused absence or emergency. In case of student illness or emergency, hospitalization, etc, please contact the SLP consultant in that school week ASAP.

CERTIFICATION OF EDUCATION HOURS: Average hours working toward the SLP must be reported monthly for all students on the first of the month and mid-June. Certification will be completed by the parent on the Wings site. The Washington State Alternative Education Laws require that parents document “a reasonably accurate estimate of the average hours per month that the student will be engaged in learning activities”. (WAC 392-121-182) The ALE state requirements for a full time student (FTE) are 20 hours per week for grades 1-3; and 25 hours per week for grades 4-12 and at half time for Kindergarten students, 10 hours. However, instructional time, based on the learning plan for a full time student, can be as much as 27 hours. this is also reflected on the learning plan. Part time student required hours will be adjusted as to the percentage of enrollment and will also be included in the learning plan. (added Aug 2015). Any student has the right to pursue as much instructional time as the parent with the SLP consultant approval deems best for student education.

Any contact time is included as part of that total. “Contact time” is any time spent on or off-site under the overall supervision and direction of certified teachers hired by the district.

TESTING REQUIRED: Washington law states, “The educational progress of students enrolled in an alternative learning experience shall be assessed at least annually, using, for full-time students, the state assessment for the student’s grade level and using any other annual assessments required by the school district. Part-time students shall also be assessed at least annually.” (WAC 392-121-182)

This requires full time students to be administered the following:
3rd-8th grade students: SBAC Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (changed from MSP) Aug. 2015) or state approved student test. This will be given in the spring, usually April/May, at the Home-Link. Tests will be given at the students’ enrolled grade level.
These assessments will be administered at no cost to the family.

ALL ALE Students:
Because the state laws mandate all students in an ALE program be tested** (note added at bottom Aug 2016) annually, the district has approved the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) for part time and all other students. Any LLHL student will be provided this test once per year with no charge to the student educational allotment. Another standardized test or a different form of assessment will be acceptable only if it has been approved by the director and administrator. Other testing options, if approved, might be paid by the district’s student educational allotment assuming program compliance and funding available; set up fees may apply. Since all students in ALE program must be assessed annually, K and 1st grade assessments are also allowed, usually given at the spring face to face appointment with the SLP consultant/LL certified teacher.

NOTE: Part time students must file an "Intent to Home-School" form in the Loon Lake district. Because the student retains a partial home-based instruction status, he or she may be exempt from the current state mandated testing; however a district **test/assessment is still required.

GRADE LEVELS: For registration purposes, kindergarten students must be 5 years old by August 31st, and first grade students must be six by August 31st, unless approved by the principal. If a parent wishes to retain their student, or skip a grade level, the teacher must approve the change before the first day of the school year. Other students should be enrolled in the grade level in which they are functioning, unless the parent requests otherwise at the time of registration. Grade level enrollment will determine the grade level at which the student is tested in the spring.

Funding for student needs:
Loon Lake School District understands that the student may need funds to use toward curriculum, supplies, activities, tutoring, lessons and etc. in the learning plan. Working with the SLP consultant, the parent, and student and within the parameters of the law, Loon Lake will provide funding toward the materials and activities approved on the student learning plan. This fund is projected to be about 900 for most students each year, and less, 560, for a Kindergarten student, enrolled at .50 FTE. With SLP consultant approval and parent input the office will plan for the fund for the year. Materials needed for the learning plan and tutoring for progress in the subjects on the learning plan, especially Language Arts and Math, take precedence over other activities. The parent understands that accessing the funds for the student is tied to student and parent program compliance. Added Aug 2015)

* Sample (class/course plans) SLP and 30 Day Review with instructions on the Wings homepage News Items. **Student may be withdrawn from program if compliance is not met including weekly contact, monthly reviews or if yearly testing and scoring are not completed.

Other News

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Handbook 4) Admission to the Home-Link Program (adopted 2014-2015)
Instructional Materials List (IM List)
FIELD TRIPS and Policy
Sample Fine Arts K-2 (w/onsite classes) plan
Math plan for grades K-2
Sample Language Arts plan for grade 1
Non-Discrimination Statement
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