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Handbook 3): Roles of Home-Link Participants

Released: Jun 14, 2015

Roles of Home-Link Participants

The Home-Link Director will:
1. Develop and oversee the Home-Link program under the direction of the administrators of the Loon Lake Sch. Dist.
2. Plan, schedule, and direct the Home-Link activities.
3. Participate in budgeting for the Home-Link program.
4. Participate in the hiring process of Home-Link staff.
5. Communicate with parents and staff.
6. Provide lists of approved instructional materials and submit updated lists of new material to the school board for approval.
7. Oversee SLP Consultants working with distance learning program and on-site students and home-link staff.

The Home-Link Certified Teacher (Student Learning Consultant) will:
1. Develop the Student Learning Plan (SLP) using measurable goals with the parent and student.
2. Help the parent identify and help provide appropriate instructional materials.
3. Maintain regular weekly contact with the student/family. Contact will be face-to-face or electronic.
4. Conduct fall and spring face-to-face review meetings with student and parent and collect work samples for each subject in the ISLP.
5. Supervise, monitor, assess, and evaluate the progress of their student’s SLP.
a) Reviews must be evaluated by the last day of each calendar school month.
b) The first consecutive satisfactory eval and any non-satisfactory eval must be communicated within 5 school days of the date of eval. by direct personal contact: back and forth with parent and students. It can be documented on Wings, but if not, follow up email and/or call. Students may not be counted for enrollment purposes or funding if this doesn't happen.
c) If unsatisfactory progress is determined, an intervention plan must be in place for the student within 5 school days.
d) Satisfactory progress must be communicated with "direct personal contact" within 5 school days the first month, but consecutive satisfactory progress does not.
6. Consult regarding curriculum and instructional material choices and document changes made during the year.
7. Provide testing as required by the state or the school board.

Home-Link Staff:
• Paraprofessionals (HQ) will assist in classes and with testing.
• The office manager will manage the Home-Link office and assist the Home-Link Director. This will include the processing of purchase orders, everything to do with CBIs (Community Based Instructors), reporting to the school board and state, SIP, keeping track of program timelines, deadlines, and too many other things to list.

The Parent /Guardian will:
1. Supervise and assess daily progress.
2. Record average learning hours monthly on Wings Certification of Hours the first of each month.
3. Keep records and samples of the student’s work, providing it to the SLP consultants as needed, until the end of the school year.
4. Take the primary responsibility for the student’s education at home and provide instruction in accordance with the learning goals on the SLP.
5. Communicate progress toward the SLP in the 30 Day Review on the Wings site by the required monthly review due date. Progress should also include monthly test scores in subject matter. The SLP monthly review should also be updated with additional goals and activities, including LLHL field trips from the month.
6. Respond with the student to the SLP consultant comments on Wings after the first satisfactory and any non-satisfactory eval on Wings student comment box for each student within the required 5 days of the first satisfactory eval is completed and any non-satisfactory eval.
7. Work with the SLP consultant to form and follow an intervention plan for any non-satisfactory evaluations.
8. Help the student maintain timely regular weekly check-in with the SLP Consultant, either face-to-face or electronic and respond on Wings for the monthly evals (see 6, above).
9. Notify the Home-Link office if there is any change in personal information.
10. Assist in proctoring the ITBS test for your student if applicable- usually 3rd thru 8th grades for those students enrolled 80% or less.
11. Insure appropriate behavior for students attending Home-Link activities.
12. Take responsibility for all siblings of your student while on site or on outings.

The Student will:
1. Take responsibility and make appropriate effort with learning as planned by the parent and LL teacher on the learning plan.
2. Send weekly email messages to the SLP Consultant if the student is a distance learner with help from parent where needed.
3. Respond with parent to the SLP consultant comments on Wings after the first satisfactory and any non-satisfactory eval on Wings student comment box for each student within the required 5 days of the first satisfactory eval is completed and any non-satisfactory eval.
4. Attend scheduled classes and meetings.
5. Demonstrate appropriate behavior during all Home-Link activities.
6. Do their best with personal contact, school work and testing.
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