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Handbook 4) Admission to the Home-Link Program (adopted 2014-2015)

Released: Aug 27, 2014

Admission to the Program
The following forms must be completed for Home-Link enrollment:
□ Declaration of Intent Form - Notifies school district that student(s) will have partial home based instruction status: All part time students

□ Registration form - Loon Lake School District
New students only, one per student, 2 pages. (also continuing students may choose to update information changes here, highlight please-address, phone, etc)

□ Ethnicity: once only (unless information changes)

□ Transfer of records - To release transfer of records from another district(s) to the Loon Lake District. On-site and distance learners, if applicable, includes those in public schools (home-links, PP and brick and mortar).

□ District Release or Choice/Transfer form – All families of out of district students must complete this form annually. Spokane county this year has separate form, LLSD form and some school districts around the state.
State is using online form starting in 18-19 school year.
The release from the resident district into the Loon Lake district is a district choice.

□ Statement of Understanding (one form per family) - required annually to participate in an ALE (Alternative Learning Experience) On-site and distance learners

□ Non-Consumable Agreement form-parent takes responsibility to maintain care of Loon Lake provided materials.

In addition, ON- SITE STUDENTS fill out forms below:

□ Some on-site students: Internet Use Release form - Allows on-site students internet access (with teacher/ parent supervision) for on-site students.

□ Free and Reduced Lunch program application- On-site families are asked to fill this out if they will participate in Free or Reduced lunch. Information on this form is confidential. To be a participant in the “Free and Reduced Lunch Program” you must record your income.

□ On-site students only: Immunization form –Either include Dr. office records or fill out release form so that we may get the records from the Dr. office. This coming school year 2018-19, exemptions may only be allowed for medical or philosophical. Students with exemption claims may not participate with onsite classes or meetings with teachers if the disease they are not immunized against has an outbreak of in that school district.

□ On-site students only: Health History form - A new form will be required at the beginning of every school year; also, please update this form during the school year if information should change.
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