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Handbook 1) Welcome to Loon Lake Home-Link: Mission Statement

Released: Aug 27, 2014

Loon Lake Home-Link Program Mission Statement

Loon Lake Home-Link Mission Statement

The Loon Lake Home-Link Program was developed to provide support and resources to families choosing to educate their K-8 students outside the typical classroom setting. We operate under the authority of the State of Washington and the laws pursuant to an Alternative Learning Experience (WAC 392-121-182).

Home-Link recognizes the parent(s) as the primary teachers of their children and acknowledges their authority in regard to the education of their students. Although the state mandates it is the full responsibility of the certified teacher to educate the student, our role is to support your teaching, not replace it. The certified teacher and Home-Link will provide supervision toward the learning goals, evaluation of progress, guidance, support, and encouragement. The Home-Link will work with you to meet the academic goals of your students as listed in the ISLP. Weekly communication will be an essential part of meeting those goals and being accountable to the state. We will endeavor to build a relationship based on mutual trust and respect. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact one of our staff.

As the director/ lead teacher of the Loon Lake Home-Link, I am committed to serving the Loon Lake District, as well as my students and parents. I will make every effort to keep open communication with the district and the families we serve.

Submitted by
Monica Coleston
Loon Lake Home-Link Director/Certified Teacher
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