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Sample Language Arts plan for grade 1

Released: Jun 22, 2015

Language Arts plan for grade 1

CLASS TITLE: Language Arts

SUBJECT: Language Arts (and as it is in WINGS)


The student will pursue the FIRST GRADE LEVEL GLEs as described below:

The student will learn early reading skills: decoding for reading, as well as work on sequencing and auditory discrimination.

READING- The student will begin to work on reading fluency and comprehension while reading first grade level books this year. The student will read and will have read to him First grade level stories, as well as other classics and answer oral questions to determine comprehension. The student will also listen to books on CD for free reading. The appropriate level reading skills have been outlines in the Reading CCSS.

GRAMMAR: The student will learn beginning grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and writing as outlined in the Language CCSS.

COMPOSITION: The student will learn how to write a complete sentence. The goals are outlined in the Writing CCSS.

Spelling: The student will be introduced weekly to a list of words, will practice with them throughout the week. A weekly test will be given, and scores communicated in the monthly review, along with the lesson number.

PENMANSHIP-The student will practice printing in daily work, practicing letter spacing, uniformity of letter size, neatness and fluency.

LITERATURE- As the student attends theater/drama/ musical presentations, the student will learn to identify and use visual art, and music vocabulary and concepts.

The student will review: letter formation, speed of writing, and letter spacing, how to write sentences correctly and practice neat handwriting.

For Phonics and Spelling: Explode the Code Bk 1, 1 ½ , 2, & 2 ½ (not grade level books).

For Reading, Vocabulary and Comprehension: Steck-Vaughn "Vocabulary in Context" (GR. 1 bks.), Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" Readers from Home-Link library such as "Bob Books"series, children’s literature books from the library, etc.

For Writing and Grammar: Writing Without Tears student book (gr. 1 ), & Gr. TE
Spectrum Writing- Gr. 1

The following general school supplies may be used to aid in and supplement meeting the student's learning goals and objectives for the school year: pencils, pens, crayons, markers, colored pencils, rulers, student scissors, erasers, index cards, paper, glue, glue sticks, adhesive, art paper, folders, binders, spiral notebooks, student planner books, white-out, dry erase markers, dry erase erasers, chalk, hole reinforces, paper clips, brads, tape, highlighters, book covers, pencil boxes, protractors, compasses, etc.


These activities would occur daily except the day the student is in attendance at Home-Link classes, or unless ill. All work should be corrected each day, so errors can be explained to the student. The total number correct over the total number possible should be written on all quizzes or tests.

Reading: student will read aloud daily from appropriate reading level books to a parent as well as read to by a parent weekly. Oral comprehension questions will be asked after a story has been read to determine comprehension %.
Writing assignments: student will write daily in workbook using best penmanship.
Grammar skills: practiced in daily writing program.
Student will take part in active presentations in weekly Home-Link classes using various Language Arts methods.


Observation, oral questions, oral and written quizzes over each unit, presentations, and workbooks. Each month a description of the student's work should be given in each area of: language, reading, speaking & listening, and writing. An average % score should be given to reflect the student's daily work and any quizzes or tests given.
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