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Student Weekly Contact (to LL teacher) info

Released: Aug 31, 2018

From the Loon Lake Home-Link Director:

WELCOME Parents and students to our 2018-19 school year!

I hope you had a wonderful summer! I look forward to a great school year!

Tuesday, Sept. 4th is our first day of School for Loon Lake Home-Link! Our first week of required contact between the student and the teacher should occur between Sept 4th- 5th. Please see the info below. This info will also be on our WINGS home page, should you lose this email.

Returning families: See “NEW THIS YEAR” INFO BELOW.

HOME-LINK COMMUNICATION VIA E-MAIL: You will always receive an email from your Loon Lake teacher (also called slp consultant), on Mondays or the first school day of each school week. (Unless there is a school holiday on a Monday, then it might come Friday or Tuesday.) For your privacy, each LL teacher sends a blind bcc email to all the families in their “group”.

Please remember to check and READ your emails on Mondays. MOST Home-Link communication comes this way, including reminders for weekly contact, monthly progress reviews, important events (like FIELD TRIPS), info from the office, deadlines, and always a calendar listing up upcoming events.

PLEASE SAVE important EMAILS in either an email file or copy and paste the info into a document for future reference.

Please be sure to save your teacher’s email address to your contacts so that email messages don't end up in your junk mail.

All the student's comments from a single family may be sent in a single email to your LL teacher (don’t hit reply).

Weekly Contact with the slp consultant/teacher: This is VERY important, especially this FIRST week OF SCHOOL, or we lose funding for your student for the ENTIRE month...Students must send communication to the LL teacher by WED noon, Sept. 5th. (Please, no earlier than Tues, Sept. 4.)

All year, these are due by Wed. noon (unless students are enrolled in on-site weekly classes at Home-Link and in attendance that week.) For most weeks, your students are reporting from Wed. to Monday or Tuesday.


PLEASE DO NOT HIT “REPLY” TO A GROUP EMAIL. J All weekly contact response emails are printed by your consultant and saved as proof of student contact.

· MATH- NEW THIS YEAR FOR Students in grades 3rd-8th : In your weekly email, please tell your teacher what lesson you are in that week in Math, and if you are understanding the content. (This helps her when the monthly review comes to know how your lessons are tracking.) If you are unable to get a week’s worth of math work done in a week due to illness, she understands. Math is incremental and should be occurring consistently, esp in the upper grades. Missing lessons or jumping around will result in skills missed. Please be consistent, and let your LL teacher know where you are in math. J

Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade may have parent's help (typing, wording, etc) to send a weekly e-mail message to the teacher. Guide all your students to be specific in detail. For example, it would better to say, "I am working on adding", rather than "I did math"; "I am reading Cat in the Hat", rather than "I read".

Students in grades 6-8th are required to send their own email message. Students should type their own message. This email may be sent from the parent's e-mail account tagged on to the bottom of your family message.

Consider the student meeting and having a conversation with a teacher in the hall! Assume the teacher will ask some open ended questions: What did you read? What math lessons are you doing-do you like it, is it hard? How are lessons going? Who teaches you piano, what are you working on?

Report on:

· Help your student report on a minimum of three subjects each week.

Reports each week in Language arts and math are required. (Learning should be occurring at least 4-5 days a week in these two main core subjects.)

· A third subject from the learning plan should be reported on weekly, as well, student’s choice.

ONCE PER MONTH: Report on lessons Home-Link is paying for (see samples below).


Here is an example for next week:

DATE: week of 9/4/18

Student's first and last name:

LANGUAGE ARTS Topic Studied:

Chapter, page or lesson numbers completed this week:

Quiz/test score or average percentage achieved:

MATH Topic Studied:

Chapter, page or lesson numbers completed this week:

Quiz/test score or average percentage achieved:

3rd subject in SLP: Topic Studied:

Chapter, page or lesson numbers completed this week:

Quiz/test score or average percentage achieved:

ANY LESSONS PAID BY HOME-LINK (These don’t usually occur the first month for new students, and returning students’ lessons MUST be set up with the office before payment can begin. Be sure you have pre-approval from the office.)

New skills learned in lessons or area of review:

Instructor's name:

Required practice done at home?

If music, name of songs?

That is it! (SEE SAMPLES BELOW.)

We don’t need a huge email. Our goal is to have a brief contact with the student concerning the learning plan. Either format is fine.

If you prefer the traditional method of weekly reporting (like talking to the teacher), here are some tips/samples:

Obviously, comments dictated by a young student are going to sound simplistic. That is OK; that is what we would expect. Parents are always free to add their "two bits" after the student's message. Here is an example of what contact messages from your K-5th grade students could look like:

Mickey (K) - I started school today. I am practicing writing big A and little a. Mommy read me a story about a dog. I colored an apple. I sorted M&Ms by color. There were mostly red ones. I got to eat them. Mickey

Minnie (2nd) - I get to do a spelling book this year. It will be fun! My first list has 10 words. Math is very easy. I am learning everything I already know. My piano lessons start next week. I hope I like my new teacher. Minnie

Daisy (4th) - I spent the morning looking over all of my new school books for the year. I like to do that. I started to read Little House in the Big Woods. I read two chapters. In math I am reviewing my addition, subtraction and multiplication facts. I played a math games on the computer. In history I started to learn about the United States. Daisy

Mom- We are off to a good start. We are taking an easy pace this week as we get back into a routine. It has been a review week. Lots of math fact games, handwriting practice and book exploration. Mickey is very excited and wants to race through all of his workbooks. Ah, the enthusiasm of a kindergartner in the first weeks of school.

**IMPORTANT- Notice: All student messages are written in the first person. Make sure your messages from the students are written in first person and signed by the student!

Students in grades 6-8th are required to send their own email message. Students should type their own message. This email may be sent from the parent's e-mail account tagged on to the bottom of your family message.

Please stress to your older student the importance of proper capitalization, punctuation and sentence structure in crafting the weekly email. It is to be considered a part of his or her school work. Texting abbreviations are not accepted.

· The LL teacher will send a response message back to the students completing the weekly contact requirement. Parents, please read this to the younger students. Students emailing from a personal account will receive a "teacher response" back to that account.

To restate: Email messages are due each week on Wednesday by NOON (except for onsite class students). Thanks in advance for your timeliness.

If you are having computer problems, please call your teacher/consultant, (OR the Home-Link office at 233-8185.)

Feel free to ask questions! Contact the office or your LL Teacher.
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