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Instructional Materials List (IM List)

Released: Dec 17, 2018

Every school district's ALE must have (by law) an "Instructional Materials" (IM ) list which is approved by the local district school board, annually.

Our Loon Lake Home-Link's (LLHL) IM list has been largely developed by input from our parents and LLHL teachers over time.
It is a multi page document. The first page includes several "any" or "all" categories and blanket "publisher" approval (e.g. all Saxon Math).

The following pages of the rest of the document lists, by subject, materials that are individually approved by title. Also, some examples of page one materials ("any", "all" or by an approved publisher) are also listed by book title under these subject headings. This gives a parent some samples of the most used items.

The (IM) list is for curriculum and learning materials like curriculum. Individual readers, science or art kits and supplies DO NOT need to be on the list.

How to have materials submitted for addition to the list:
Look on the IM list, makes sure by publisher and by title, the requested addition isn't already on the list.

Make sure it is not religious or faith based.

The IM list here at bottom, doesn't transfer well, please request and emailed up to date list from your LL teacher or the office (the office will also print and mail one if necessary). This is to help you get some ideas.

>Please check the first page of the list to see if a publisher you are looking for is already approved. If so, you need to look no further. You can put an item from that company on a purchase order or ask it to be added to a learning plan. If you don't see it on the first page, then please look for the title of the item. In order to find an item, do a "control' F (control find). Try different variations. (For example, Math-U-See, Math U See, MathUSee.)
>IF it is not on that list, then email the program director, Monica Coleston at and ask her to review the material to see if it can be added to the list. Give her as much information as possible: publisher name, title of "series" or individual book, ISBN number, if individual book.

> Consider researching a "series" if it has many titles. For example, we would rather add "Jensen's" Language Arts titles rather than only adding "Jensen's Spelling".
Don't assume because one title is approved, all titles are approved for a publisher or series if they are not on the first page approved. We might either need to add the series, add the publisher or add the book(s).
> The curriculum should not be faith-based in nature.
> Staff will research the materials.

> LLHL adds to the list twice a year. Jan. 1 and June 1 are the deadlines for those items to be requested by parent.
> LLHL staff & parents researches the items, presents them to the school board in that month or the next.

The office will let you know as the IM list additions are approved by the school board and the IM list will be edited and emailed out.

Most of these are materials the district may purchase for your student and are allowed to be in the learning plan. Some materials may not be purchased as the company doesn't take a PO from a school district.
This is the most recent list, as stated above, the format doesn't "paste" well; please ask for the up to date list from your LL teacher or the office:

Loon Lake Home-Link Board Approved (06-18-18) Instructional Materials List Summer 2018
Materials listed in the SLP (student learning plan) must be from the approved list except supplies or readers.

1st page: All materials approved by these publishers (unless religious/faith based) and see “any/all” at top, left.
2nd page and all additional pages have individual titles approved (don’t assume every title like it is approved). Some might fall under the 1st page list as well, but are included to give ideas by subject.)
At least 50% (time wise) of the learning must be based on the student’s learning plan in each subject from APPROVED curriculum/materials listed here or from books published by these (first page) companies.
Last page: *On-Line learning is supplementary & SB less than 50% of class time. Only OSPI approved online courses can be approved for more than 50% of classwork (time wise). See last page for online supplementary sites.
To find materials on the list, “control f” (and type info).

Approved Publishers Approved Publishers

All these in Music: Alfred, Bastien, Faber, Kindermusik, Leonard, Simply, Suzuki ,Schaum, KJO; books, CD’s, materials
Any: CCSS (Common Core) materials Holt, Holt McDougall
Any: Educational puzzles, games, cd’s, flash cards, etc Rhinehart, Winston
Any: Math facts drills (CD/DVD’s, cards, wrkbks/shts, online, etc) Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Any: typing/penmanship/keyboarding-wrkbks/cd’s etc Institute for Excellence in Writing
Any: Coloring, Mazes, Dot, learning (e.g science, history, lit. etc) Instructional Fair
Any: Reading/Vocab/Spelling/Rdg. Comp, etc; bks, cds, & etc Jackris (Spelling, Writing, Grammar)
Any: manipulatives (math, LA, etc) STEM: models, labs Key Curriculum Press; Kingfisher; Kumon
Any: Experiment kits (science), maps, atlases, globes Lightening Literature
Any: fine arts kits, books, dvds, or supplies (instructional) Mailbox Books/The Education Center (publ.)
Any workbook, reader or program teaching social skills. Mark Twain Media
Addison-Wesley Marshall Cavendish
Advanced Brain Technology Math-U-See; Maths-Online (supplementary)
All About Learning Press; (Spelling, Reading, etc) McGraw-Hill (SRA); McRuffy Press; Miquon Math
Barton Reading & Spelling Program Modern Curriculum Press
Beast Academy Oak Meadow Curriculum; Prentice Hall Publishers
Bright Ideas/Bright Ring Publ. National Geographic; Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum
Bryan House Peace Hill Press; Pearson Education; Rosetta Stone
Carson Dellosa Publishing/Frank Schaffer/Spectrum
Classical Conversations; Creative Teaching Press Saxon/Hake (Math/Grammar)
Critical Thinking Skill Co.; Curriculum Associates Scholastic Press; Scholastic Teaching Pub.
DK Children/DK Eyewitness/Doring Kindersley Pub. School Zone Publications Co.
Dover Publications, Dummies’ Bk Series (e.g., Art for Dummies) Schaffer, Frank Publishing
Easy Peasy (bks) Educator’s Publishing Service/Education Center Scott Foresman (CCSS Math/LA -downloaded and printed free) Shurley Instructional Materials
Essential Learning Products Spelling-U-See; Spectrum; Steck Vaughn
Evan Moor Teacher Created Resources
The Great Courses/Teaching Co. The Great Courses (Teaching Co.)
Learning/Handwriting/Keyboarding Without Tears Usborne Books
Heath Pub. Williamson, Kids Can Series
All SLPs (except PE) must have at least one approved material from the list. Unit study approach may be utilized.
2nd page and all additional pages: All these listed are approved. In some cases, are also from the above publishers but were left here to give you ideas. One book approved doesn’t mean the entire like “set” is approved.
(Type “control’ “f” and type book name to find matches.)
Career Technology (usually included in LA or science) Published by/Written by

Any: typing/cursive/penmanship/keyboarding wrkbks/sheets/cd’s etc (non-religious) Any: typing/cursive/penmanship/keyboarding wrkbks/sheets/cd’s etc (non-religious)
Back to Basics (How-To books) Skyhorse Publishing
Computer Science Pure and Simple Bks 1-2 Motherboard Books
Easy-Tech K-5 Curriculum (not online curriculum)
Fourth Grade Technology: 32 Lessons Every Fourth Grader Can Accomplish on a Computer (For all grades) Structured Learning
Engineering the City: How the Infrastructure Works Chicago Review Press
Hands-On Engineering Prufrock Press
Jumpstart Educational Software Knowledge Adventure
Khan Academy* (online supplementary)
Kid Coder Visual Basics Series Homeschool Programming, Inc
Logo Adventures Motherboard Books
Microworlds EX Software Motherboard Books

Physical Education and Health
Any: CD or DVD workout/exercise program; cookbook/nutrition/recipe tying into LA, PE/Health nutrition or cultural studies.
American Girl, Enter the Zone, Beyond Diet, etc Various
Bal-a-vis/Brain Balance Bal-a-vis/Bill Hubert
Be the Best You Can Be: A Guide to Etiquette and Self Improvement for Children and Teens Robin Thompson Charm School
Boy’s Guide to Becoming a Teen American Medical Association
Building Better Bodies Hayes
Food and Nutrition for Every Kid Wiley
Healthy Me Chicago Review Press
Home School Family Fitness; The Ultimate Phys. Ed. Games Bruce Whitney, Educator’s Press
Hungry Planet: What the World Eats Material World
Learn to Brush Kit Lakeshore Learning Materials
Life Skills-225 Ready-to-Use Activities Josey-Boss
Nutrition and Fitness; Nutrition and Phys. Degeneration Walsh Education; Price Pottenger Nutrition
Rosemary Gladstar's Herbal/Medicinal Recipes Storey Publishing, LLC
The Boys Body Book, The Body Book for Girls Applesauce Press, American Girl
The Ultimate Homeschool Physical Education Game Book Educator’s Press

Fine Arts: Some Ideas:
Any basic “How to Draw” Books (instructional) 1,2,3; I Can Draw; Drawing Basics, Ed Emberly (etc)
4-H or scouting manuals, National 4 H Counsel, Scouts
A Child's History of Art by Hillyer D. Appleton Spenser Press
Anyone Can Produce Plays by L.E. McCollough Smith and Krauss
Art Adventures at Home At Home Publ.
Art Basics for Children, Art in History Series Visual Manna/Sharon Jeffus/Rainbow Resource Center
Artistic Pursuits by Ellis/Dewitt Artistic Pursuits;
Art Lab for Kids Quarry Books
Atelier Art Arts Attack Publications
Bach/Beethoven/Mozart: His Story and Music Hans/Kuranda: Allegro
Discovering Art, Discovering Great Artists; Great American Artist Golden Educational Pub.; Calvert; Bright Ring
Fine Art Studio Sculpting Silver Dolphin Books
How Artists See the Elements; How Artists See Feelings Abbeville Kids
Incredible Clay Book Sagebrush Educational Resources
Mapping the World by Heart Fable Vision
Mapping the World with Art (also geography, SS/History) Ellen McHenry’s Basement Workshop
Meet the Masters Art Program
My Very Favorite Art Book: ALL Lark Books
Oxford (or other) First Book of Art Oxford Pub;, Various Other
Paintings (samples, cards or books of artists’ works) Various Publishers
People of the Cascadia (Pacific NWNative American History) CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Photography for Dummies Dummies Publishing
Piano Made Easy The Mayron Cole Music Conservatory, Inc
Science Arts: Discovering Science Through Art Experiences Bright Ring Publishing
Singing Method for Young Beginners Language Teaching Publications
Teach Yourself VISUALLY series (jewelry, sewing, etc.) Hug Bug Music
The Best of Sewing Machine Fun New Burlington Books
The Great Big Art Activity Book Lark Books
The Kid's Guide to Digital Photography Sterling Publishing Company
The Little Hands Art/Big Fun Craft Book Williamson Pub. Co.
The Phonics of Drawing (CD rom-30 lessons) Sandpiper
We Rock! (Music Lab) by Jason Hanley Quarry Books

Lang. Arts: see “any” & publishers’ approved list on page 1. All age appropriate poetry or readers are approved. (paperbacks or hardcover-& do not need to be on this list.)
Any: Reading/Vocab/Spelling/Rdg. Comp, etc; bks, cds, & etc
Basic Not Boring Series (All LA Topics) Incentive Publication
Thinking Tree/Dyslexia Games (work books/journals)
101 Great American Poems (& all poetry/prose books) Various publishers
ABC Teach website
All About (Reading/Spelling/Homophones) All About Learning Press
Awesome Hands-On Activities for Teaching Literary Elements Teaching Resources
Bob Books, Lippincott, LLATL, & all Readers & Series (teaching rdg.) Varous Publishers
Braidy the Story Braid (teacher's and resources) MindWing Concepts, Inc.
Creative Book Reports Maupin House Pub.
Daily Word Ladders Teaching Resources
Daybook of Critical Reading & Writing Great Source Education
First Start Reading, Literature Guides Memoria Press
IEW; Jackris (Spelling, Writing, Grammar) IEW (Inst for Excellence in Writing) Jackris
Learning Language Arts Through Literature Common Sense Press
McCall Crabbs Standard Test Lessons in Reading Teacher's College Press
Michael Clay Thompson: Literature Program Royal Fireworks Press
Moving Beyond the Page: American Tall Tales and Legends Epiphany Curriculum
Moving Beyond the Page: Poetry Epiphany Curriculum
Painless, Primarily, Prose, and all Poetry, Children’s Poetry Various Publishers
Reading Made Easy Greenleaf Press
Reading Skill Builders Sylvan Learning Pub
Reading Strands National Writing Institute
Sentence Building, Paragraph book, & other Key Ed. books Key Education
Sound Partners Cambium Learning Technologies
Story Elements for Middle School McGraw Hill
Story Elements: Understanding Literary Terms and Devices Educational Impressions
Story Time Treasures Memoria Press
Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Lessons by Seigfried Engleman Fireside Publishers
The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading W.W. Norton
The Reading Lesson Mountcastle Co.
The Story Grammar Marker MindWing Concepts, Inc.
Touch, Type, Read and Spell (as supplement if online) (thru homeschoolbuyersco-op)
Understanding Literature McGraw Hill
Western Canon Riverhead Trade
Writing Road to Reading (Inc. Teacher Guide) Collins Reference

Phonics: & see “any” & publishers’ approved list on page one
All About Learning/ Reading All About Learning Press
Alphabet Activities Sylvan Learning Pub.
Alpha-Phonics Devin Adair Publishers
Any: Coloring, Mazes, Dot, learning (e.g science, history, lit. etc)
Classical Phonics: A Child’s Guide to Word Mastery Memoria Press
Color, Cut & Paste Phonics: Beg. Consonant & Alphabet Recognit’n Bryan Haines
Developing the Early Learner Perception Pub.
Everyday Phonics Intervention Activities Newmark Publishers
Explode the Code Online (& books) [& Educators Pub. Svc]
Home Phonics Clicknread/clicknspell ClickNKids
Hooked on Phonics Hooked on Phonics
Jump Start Phonics (CD-ROM) Vivendi Universal
Phonics 101 Things Every Kindergartner Show Know Publications Int.
Phonics for Reading and Spelling Small Ventures
Phonics Museum * Veritas Press
Phonics Pathways Jossey-Boss
Phonics Sorts Teach Bright
Professor Phonics Gives Sound Advice Professor Phonics
Right Brain Phonics Dianne Craft MA CNHP
Saltmine Phonics (Vertical Phonics) All American Press
The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading Peace Hill Press
Words their Way: Word Study in Action Level A/ B Homeschool Pearson

Grammar & see “any” & publishers’ approved list on page one
100 Little Language Lessons Teaching and Learning Co.
Analytical Grammar Analytical Grammar
Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation Jossey-Bass
Capitalization and Punctuation, Grammar Sense, all LA Garlic Press
Caught'Ya! Grammar books asst. Maupin House Publishing
Climbing to Good English Schoolaid
Daily Language Practice Incentive Publications by World Book
Dictation Resource Book Weekly Reader Publisher
Drill it Grammar Workbook Instructional Resources Co.
Easy Grammar series [includes Daily Grams] by Wanda Phillips American Teaching Aids
Easy Writing; English Grammar for the Writing Stage ISHA Enterprises
English for the Thoughtful Child Greenleaf Press
Grammar Ace Memoria Press
Grammar for … series by Don Killgallon Avyx, Inc.
Grammar Tales Oxford University Press
Grammar Works: Equipping Students w/Tools to Master Eng Lang Teaching Resources, Perfection Learning
Intermediate Language Lessons by Emma Serl Lost Classic Books Co.
Jensen’s Grammar; Punctuation; Format Wriitng, LA books STL Distributing
Keys to Good Language Phoenix Learning Resources
Language and Thinking for Young Children Mott Media
Language Arts Harcourt Family Learning
Language Lessons for the (levels) Little, Secondary, V. Young, etc Queen Homeschool Supplies
Language Skills Curriculum Associates
Learning Language Arts Through Literature Common Sense Press
Mad-Libs Price Stern Sloan
McMillan English MacMillan Publishing
Michael Clay Thompson: Literature Program Royal Fireworks Press
My Wise Grammar Book Supplement Back Home Industries
Nature of Language Greenwood Press
Painless Grammar (& Jr. Grammar) by Rebecca Elliott Barron’s Publishing
Pathway Publishers Pathway Publishers
Perfect Punctuation Dutton Juvenile
Primary-Intermediate Capitalization & Punctuation Curriculum Associates
Primary Language Lessons by Emma Serl Lost Classic Books
Schoolhouse Rock DVD Lost Classic Books Co.
Sentence Building Dianne Craft MA CNHP
Teaching English through Art Hal Leonard Pub.
The Story of English Key Education
Use it Don’t Lose It! Daily Language Practice Visual Manna
Winston Grammar Penguin
Word Fun, Complete Writing, Incentive Publications
Word Fun Series Precious Memories Educational Resources

Writing/Composition/Speech & see “any” & publishers’ approved list on page one
Adventures in Fantasy: Lessons in Narrative & Descriptive Writing Jossey Bass
Beginning Outlining Remedia Publications
Classical Composition Series James A. Selby
Daybook of Critical Reading & Writing Great Source Education
Draw, Write, Now Barker Creek Publishers
Easy Writing Matthew Stephens
Essentials in Writing (video series) ISHA Enterprises
Effective Academic Writing: The Short Essay Oxford University Press
Four Square Writing System Teaching and Learning Company
From Idea to Essay by Anthony Winkler Longman, Publishing Group
Great Speeches for Better Speaking McGraw Hill
How to Draw Storytelling Wizard Entertainment
Illustory-Write and Illustrate Your Own Book Chimeric Inc.
Interactive Writing: How Language & Literacy Come Together Heinemann Pub.
IEW (Inst for Excellence in Writing; Jensen’s Format Writing IEW; STL Distributing
Outlining Grades 5-8 Remedia Publications
Paragraphs for…series: A Sentence-Composing Approach by Don Killgallon / Heinemann
Photo-Story Creations by You
Progymnastmata: Greek Textbooks of Prose, Comp & Rhetoric Society of Biblical Lit. (not religious)
Quick Word Handbook Curriculum Associates
Road to Writing by Sarah Albee Golden Book
Sentence Composing for Middle School Boynton/Cook
Sentence Composing for …series by Don Killgallon Heinemann
The Random House Guide to Basic Writing Random House
The Story Grammar Marker MindWing Concepts, Inc.
The Writer’s Jungle Brave
What's the Big Idea?: Question-Driven Units to Motivate Reading, Writing, and Thinking Heinemann
Wordsmith books DGC, Inc.
Wordsmith, Mrs. Mrs. Wordsmith
Write on Target Writer Inc.
WriteShop Writeshop
Write Source by Dave Kemper, Partick Sebranek, Verne Meyer Great Source Educ. Group
Write-at-Home On-line Writing Coach Great Source Educ. Group
Writer's Express: Skills Book Great Source Educ. Group
Writer's Inc. -A Student Handbook for Writing and Learning Memoria Press
Write with the Best W.W. Norton
Writing Classical Academic Press
Writing and Rhetoric Learning Express
Writing in 15 Minutes a Day Collins Reference
Writing Road to Reading (Inc. Teacher Guide) Jossey Bass
Writing Skills Activities for Special Children National Writing Institute
Writing Strands Lochnivar Press
Writing the Classical Way Heinemann
Writing Toward Home
Spelling & Vocab & see “any” & publishers’ approved list pg one
All About Homophones All About Learning Press
All About Spelling All About Learning Press
A Word a Day Wiley
Daily Vocabulary Practice Weekly Reader Publisher
Daily Word Ladders Teaching Resources
Any: Dictionary Any publisher (cost within reason)
English from the Roots Up Literacy Unlimited Publishers
Harcourt Spelling Harcourt
Painless Book of Spelling Barron's Educational Series
Rebecca Sitton Spelling (High Frequency Word List) Sitton Spelling
SAT Wordmaster Barron’s
Sequential Spelling AVKO Educational Research Foundation
Sequential Spelling for Adults AVKO Educational Research Foundation
Spectrum Spelling McGraw Hill –Children’s Publishing
Speedy Spelling Options Publishing
Spelling City (online supplement)
Spelling Plus: 1000 Words Toward Spelling Success Instructional Resources Co.
Spell to Write and Read Back Home Industries
Spelling for Word Mastery Merrill
Spelling Plus Instructional Resources Co.
Spelling Power by Beverly Adams-Gordon Castlemoyle Books
Spelling Through Copywork Queen Homeschool Supplies
Sylvan Learning Pub Spelling Sylvan Learning Publishing
The Grammar of Spelling Logos School Materials
The Logic of English –( all materials) Pedia Learning Co.
The Ultimate Book of Words You Should Know Adams
Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension Walch Publishing
Vocabulary Cartoons New Monic Books
Vocabulary Success Sylvan Learning Pub.
Vocabu-Lit Perfection Learning
Wise Guide to Spelling Back Home Industries
Word Build Dynamic Literacy
Words of the Week [volumes 1, 2, 4, 5- EXCLUDES Vol. 3] Queen Homeschool Supplies

Penmanship & see “any” & publishers’ approved list on page one
Abraham Lincoln Copywork Notebook Knowledge Box Central
Cursive First LITHBTH Educational Services
D’Nealian Handwriting D’Nealian
Getty Dubay Handwriting Getty-Dubay Productions
I Can Write Dover Publications
Italics: Beautiful Handwriting for Children. Penny Gardner
Modern Style: Cursive Connections Acacia Publications
Pictures in Cursive Primer Queen Homeschool Supplies
Pictures in Cursive Book A Queen Homeschool Supplies
Spencerian Penmanship Mott Media
Step by Step Alphabet Lines Learning Resources

Math: & see “any” & publishers’ approved list on page one
1-2-3 Farm Yard Trend Ent.
ALEKS Math [Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces
A Mathematical Mystery Tour: Higher Thinking Math Tasks Zephyr Press
Basic Math Success Sylvan Learning Pub.
Basic Not Boring Series Incentive Publication
Beginning Math Open Ended Learning Games
Big Button Number Fun Melissa & Doug
Can You Count in Greek? Ancient Greek Number Systems Prufrock Press
Contexts for Learning Math Heinemann
Creative Learning Cubes Learning Resouces
Critical Thinking Activities Dale Seymour Pub.
Cuisenaire Home Mathematics Kit Cuisenaire
Developing the Early Learner Perception Pub.
Dino's Math Tracks Learning Resources
Dot to Dot, mazes, puzzle books assorted publishers
Elementary Algebra Freeman
Fractions Orda Industries
Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding 3rd Edition Harold Jacobs
Grid and Graph It Fearon Teacher Aids
Horizons Math ** Grades K-2 only (Material reviewed for religious materials. Grade 3 and up not approved.) Alpha Omega Pub
How Math Works Reader's Digest Young Families
Investigations in Number, Data & Space (Pattern Trains & Hopskotch Paths) Dale Seymour Publications
JUMP at Home Math House of Anansi Press
Life of Fred Math Series Polka Dot Pub.
Magnetic My First Learning Calendar Fridgemagic
Making Math Meaningful Whole Spirit Press
Manipulatives (all-aligned with learning plan) Various, Math U See, Learning Resources
Mastering Essential Math Skills: 20 Minutes a Day to Success Math Essentials
Math and Literature Math Solutions Pub.
Mathematicians Are People Too Dale Seymour Pub.
Math for Smarty Pants Little, Brown Young Readers
Math Magic Mixer (math game) Small World Creative
Math Mammoth Mammoth
Math on Call: A Mathematics Handbook Great Source Education Group
Math Problems and Solutions Guide K Squared Publishing
Mathematics Silver, Burdett, Ginn
Math-It by Elmer C. Brooks Weimar Institute
Mathtacular Mathtacular
Minilessons for Early Addition and Subtraction: A Yearlong Resource Contexts for Learning Math
MiniLuk Brain Challenger series Beyond 123
Memorize in Minutes Times Tables Krimsten Publishing
Songs: Math Memorization (all) Various Publishers
Painless Math Series Barron's Educational Series
Practical Arithmetics The American Book Co.
Professor B Math Professors B Enterprises Inc.
Quarter Mile Math Barnum Software
Ray's New Intellectual (and New Primary) Arithmetic Mott Media
Right Start Math Activities for Learning, Inc.
Scholastic Math Missions CD rom Nova Development
Singapore Math Singapore
Teaching Math to People with Down Syndrome and Other Hands-on Learners Woodbine House
Teaching Textbook Teaching Textbook
The Art of Problem Solving Sandor Lehoczky
The Great Big Book of Math New Burlington Books
The Math Chef Wiley
The Myth of Ability: Nurturing Mathematical Talent in Every Child Walker and Company
Understanding Mathematics K Squared Publishing, Inc.
Use It! Don't Lose It! - Math Incentive Publications
Video Text Algebra by Tom Clark Videotext Interactive

Science (becuz’ folks use unit study materials, individual books are listed.) & see “any” & publishers’ approved list on page one
4 H National 4 H Counsel
101 Physics Tricks: Fun Experiments With Everyday Materials Sterling Publisher
(#of ) Science Experiments Hinkler Books
730 Easy Science Experiments Tess Press
1000 Facts on Bugs Cybermedia
1000 Facts on Bugs Barnes & Noble
202 Scientific Investigations Incentive Pub.
About Animals Peachtree Publishers
Adventures with Atoms and Molecules Enslow Pub.
Alaska’s Mammals Alaska Northwest Books
Albert Einstein & the Theory of Relativity Barron's Educ. Series
All About Volcanoes Kit Slinky Brand
All New Square Foot Gardening Cool Springs Press
Amazing Science readers Non-Fiction Picture Books
America's Seashores (Guide to Plants and Animals) Fulcrum Pub.
A Raft of Sea Otters London Town Press
Archimedes and the Door of Science Bethlehem Books
Astronomy for All Ages Globe Pequot
Awesome Ocean Science Williamson Books
Back to Basics (How to books) Skyhorse Publishing
Basic Not Boring Series Incentive Publication
Beekeeping for Dummies For Dummies, Pub.
Berenstain Bear's Big Book of Science and Nature Random House
Big Bag of Science Be Amazing
Biggest Book Ever Book of Questions and Answers Parragon Pub.
Blood & Guts: A Working Guide to Your Own Insides Little, Brown
Book of Insects (Including workbook and Teacher Key also) Memoria Press
Botany in a Day Hops Press
Bubbles, Rainbows, and Worms: Science Experiments Gryphon House
Bug-Opoly Late for the Sky
Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding Outskirts Press
Burgess Animal Book for Children Dover Publications
Butterfly Pavilion/Butterfly Garden Insect Lore
Chemistry C1000 Mindware
Chemistry for the Grammar Stage Elemental Science
Chemistry Essentials and Exploration Harcourt Achievement
Classical Science (Life, Earth, Physical and Chemistry)
Classiquest Science Classical Education Resources
Climate and Weather Kit Thames & Kosmos
Coral Reef-One Small Square W. H. Freeman & Co.
Discovering Atoms, Molecules, and Matter Common Sense Press
Disgusting Science-Kit for Studying the Science of Revolting Things Scientific Explorer
Dry Bones and Other Fossils Master Books
Earlybird Start-Up Science Singapore
The Earth Handbook (Christ. McCart/Samntha Booth) Thunder Bay Press
Earth Science & Astronomy for the Grammar Stage & Logic Stage Elemental Science
Edible and Medicinal Plants of the West Mountain Press Pub. Co.
Elemental Science Elemental Science
Enchanted Learning
Encyclopedia of Animals Doring Kindersley Pub.
Engineering the City: How the Infrastructure Works Chicago Review Press
Exploring the History of Medicine Master Books
Fabulous Frogs Nature/PBS Home Video
Family Science John WIley & Sons
Find the Constellations HMH Books
Fizz Bubble and Flash Williamson Books
Forces and Movement Sterling Publisher
FOSS web (Full Option Science System)
Foxfire Science Series Anchor Pub.
Galen and the Gateway to Medicine Bethlehem Books
Galileo and the Magic Numbers Little, Brown
Geography of the World Dorling Kindersley (DK: All DK books)
Geology Rocks Williamson Books
Glow in the Dark Constellations Grosset & Dunlap
Green Kid's Guide to Gardening! Magic Wagon
Grow a Frog Grow a Frog
Handbook of Nature Study Comstock Publishers
Hands-On Engineering Prufrock Press
Harcourt Science Harcourt
Healthy Me Chicago Review Press
Home Science Adventures Stratton House
Icons of Evolution DVD Randolph Prod.
Insect Identification Educational Science Chart Poster Poster Revolution
In the Hands of a Child Project Packs
Isaac Newton and the Laws of Motion Capstone
Janice VanCleave Science * [ALL Titles) Jossey-Bass
Kids Can series Ideals
Kids Inventing: A Handbook for Young Inventors Josey-Boss
K’Nex Education Construction * w/SLP Cons. Approval K’Nex
Lego Education * w/SLP Cons. Approval Lego Education
Let's Read and Find Out Science series Collins
Life on a Pig Farm Carolrhoda Books
Listening to Crickets (A Story of Rachel Carson) Carolrhoda Books
Lyrical Science Lyrical Learning
Magic Tree House/School Bus (ALL books) Random House/Scholastic
Mastery of Brine Pickling Perfect Pickler
Max Axiom, Super Scientist graphic science series Capstone Press
Mistakes That Worked Doubleday Books for Young Readers
My Big Science Book Priddy Bricknell
My Size-Insides Roylco
National Audubon Society Field Guides ( All field guides) Knopf
Nature Portfolio Throughout the Year Barbara Shukin
New View Science Life Cycles Card Set Learning Resources
North American Wildlife: An Illustrated Guide Readers Digest
Oxford Medieval and Early Modern World Oxford University Press
Physics Experiments for Children Dover Children’s Science Books
Physics Lab in the Home Franklin Watts
Physics Power Basics Walch Publications
Physics Workshop Mindware
Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series BBC
Primary Science Lab Set Learning Resources
Real Science [ALL titles] Gravitas Publishing
R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey - Earth & Science Pandia Press
R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey – Life (biology 1 & 2) Pandia Press
Ranger Rick magazine National Wildlife Federation
Reading About Science Phoenix
Real Science 4 Kids Gravitas Publishing
Rookie Read About Science Series Children’s Press
Rosemary Gladstar's Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner's Guide Storey Publishing, LLC
Sandbox Scientist Williamson Pub. Co.
School of the Woods Yesterday's Classics
Science Arts: Discovering Science Through Art Experiences (Kohl, Potter) Bright Ring Publishing
Science Detectives Kids Can Press/Ideals
Science in a Nutshell Delta Education
Science Smart Main Street
Science Puzzlers Good Year Books
Seashore -One Small Square W. H. Freeman & Co.
Secrets of the Universe: Discovering the Universal Laws of Science Atheneum Books
Skeletons in the Closet (game) Learning Resources
Small Engines National 4-H Council
Snap Circuits Jr. Elenco
Somebody (board game) Talicor
Space Age Crystals Kit Kristal Education
Space Explorations Kit K'Nex
Standard Deviants School Anatomy Cerebellum Corporation
Stargazer's Guide to the Galaxy Tom Doherty
Stepping Into Science Thames & Kosmos Pub.
Super-Charged Science www.
Super Magnet Lab Learning Resources
The Book of Astronomy Memoria Press
The Brain: An Introduction to Neurology Ellen McHenry Basement Workshop
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Astronomy Alpha
The Concise Illustrated Book of Rocks and Minerals First Glance Books
The Elements: Ingredients of the Universe Ellen McHenry
The Everything Kids’ Science Experiments Book Adams Media
The Honey Makers Harper Collins
The Human Being and the Animal World Floris Books
The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies DVD NOVA/PBS Home Video
The Kids Bok of Weather (Kids Can series) Ideals
The Sacred Bee in Ancient Times and Folklore Dover Publications
The Science Chef (series) Jossey-Boss
The Science of Life: Project & Principles for Beginning Biologists Chicago Review Press
The Sea Around Us Oxford University Press
The Secret of Tidepools pgw
The Story of Science (3 volumes) by Joy Hakim Smithsonian Books
The World of Science Parragon Pub.
Things You Should Know about the Human Body Barnes and Noble Books
TOPS Science/books/kits TOPScience
Uncover the Human Body Silver Dolphin Books
Washington Trees and Wildflowers Waterford Press
Why Gender Matters Broadway
Young Scientists Science Kits The Young Scientists Club, LLC
Your Big Backyard magazine National Wildlife Federation
ZoobMobile * w/SLP Cons. Approval Zoob

Social Studies, History and Geography, etc: Ideas & see “any” & publishers’ approved list on page one
10 Days in the Americas/Europe/USA Out of the Box
1911 Boy Scout Handbook CreateSpace Independent Publ Platform
Abraham Lincoln Copywork Notebook Knowledge Box Central
Adventures in Egypt/Greece Kids Can Press/Ideals
Adventures in World History Kagan Cooperative Learning
A Glorious Age in Africa Africa World Press
A History of the Twentieth Century Harper Perennial
A Kid’s Guide to Drawing America Rosen Publishing
All American History Bright Ideas Press
American History Stories Volumes 1-4 Yesterday’s Classics
Ancient Chinese Treasure Chest Running Press Kids
Ancient History Portfolio Classic Barbara Shukin-Homeschool Journey
Ancient Mythologies: India, Persia, Babylon, Egypt Wynstones Press
Arabs in the Golden Age Millbrook Press
Archeologists Dig for Clues Collins
Around the World in 100 Years Puffin
Atlas (any, within reason) Children's Illustrated Atlas; Classroom Atlas, Oxford, Rand McNally, National Geo., etc Various (tied to learning plan)
A Trip Around the World CarsonDellosa
Basic Not Boring Series Incentive Publication
Big Washington Activity Book Gallopade Int.
Biggest Book Ever Book of Questions and Answers Parragon Pub
Book of Time (time line blank book) Sonlight
California History through Literature Beautiful Feet
Castle Diary Walker & Co.
Chapters from Ancient History Mercury Press
Chester the Crab’s Comics with Content Series Chester Comix
Children and Games for the Middle Ages Crabtree Publishing Co.
Classical Companion Cobblestone
Colonial Days Wiley-VCH
Commodore Perry in the Land of the Shogun HarperCollins
Core Knowledge Delta Publishing
D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Discovering Maps Hammond World Atlas Corp.
Discovering Washington Gibbs-Smith
Discovery Kids A Countivity World Map; Discovery Planet DVDs Discovery Kids
Draw and Write Through History CPR Pub
Draw Your World: Step by Step Instr. to Drawing the Continents WinterPromise
Early History of Rome Penguin Classics
Eat Your Way Around the World; Eat Your Way Around the USA Geography Matters
Egyptian Treasures: Mummies and Myths Greathall Publications
Elementary Geography Charlotte Mason
E is for Evergreen Sleeping Bear Press
Enchanted Learning (supplements)
Famous Figures of Medieval Times- Movable Paper Figures Figures in Motion
Famous Men of Greece; Middle Ages; Renaissance, Series CreateSpace
Famous Men of the Middle Ages Biblio Bazaar; Greenleaf Press
Famous Men of the Renaissance Greenleaf Press
Famous Men series Memoria Press
Famous People of the Middle Ages Crabtree Publishing Co.
Fandex Field Guides (ALL) Workman Publishing Co.
Food and Feast in the Middle Ages Crabtree Publishing Co.
Foxfire Series Anchor Pub.
Geography Memoria Press
Geography A to Z Harper Collins
Geography of the World Dorling Kindersley (All DK books)
Geography Songs CD Kit Audio Memory
Geography through Art Geography Matters
Geography Through Literature Study Guide Beautiful Feet
Geography Scribe Westvon Publications
George Washington's World Beautiful Feet
Geosafari cards Educational Insights
Genghis Khan and the Mongol Horde Random House
Going Along with Lewis and Clark Farcountry Press
Good Times Travel Agency Series (Adventures in/with) Kids Can Press
Great States Game International Playthings, Inc.
Greek News Candlewick
Gumshoe Geography Zephyr Press
Hammond Student's Notebook Atlas Hammond World Atlas Corp.
Hieroglyphs Grossett and Dunlap
Hillyer's A Child's History of the World Calvert School
History Odyssey Pandia Press
History Through Literature Beautiful Feet
Home Geography (by CC Long) Living Book Press
Houses and Homes Harper-Collins
Human Odyssey K12
Hungry Planet: What the World Eats Material World
In the Hands of a Child Project Packs
India: The Culture; The People Crabtree Pub. Co
I Pledge Allegiance Candlewick
Just the Facts: Understanding Government (DVD set) Cerebellum Corporation
Know Your Map Skills Weekly Readers Publishing
Landmark History of American People Random Library
Learn About the United States: Quick Civics Lesson for the New Naturalization Citizenship & Immigration Services
Learning to Get Along Series Free Spirit Publishing
Learning with the Movies Bread for Life
Legends and Leagues Geography workbooks Veritas Press
Life in a Medieval Castle Harper Perennial, Heinemann
Magic Tree House (ALL) Random House
Make-it Work The Roman Empire Cooper Square Pub.
Mapping the World (by Heart & with Art) (2 diff curr) FableVision Learning (Ellen McHenry’s)
Maps & Cities; Maps, Charts & Graphs; Harper Collins; Modern Curr Press;
Material World Sierra Club Books
McGraw Hill-McMillan Social Studies McGraw Hill-McMillan
More Than Moccasins Chicago Review Press
Moving Beyond the Page: Fifty States Epiphany Curriculum
My First Report: My State Hewitt Homeschooling Resources
Never Give In: Winston Churchill Cumberland House
New World Explorers Splash! Publications
Our City…Spokane M.O. Scrapps
Our Living Constitution Then and Now Good Apple
Outline Maps McDonald Publishing Co.
Oxford World in Ancient Times Oxford University Press
People of the Cascadia (Pacific NW Native American History) Heidi Bohan
Penguin Historical Atlases (Rome, Greece, Egypt) Penguin
Picture the Past series; Life 0n a Viking Ship & etc (Picture the Past) Heinemann Library
Pioneer Projects Crabtree Pub. Co
Profiles from History Geography Matters
RealEarth Globe Map RealEarth
Regions of the United States Raintree
Roman Diary Walker & Co.
Roman History by Donna Simmons Christopherus Homeschool Resources
Roman Myths by McCaughrean Margaret K. McElderry
Rookie Read-Abouts Geography Children's Press
See How they Run: Campaign Dreams, Elections Schemes, and the Race to the White House Bloomsbury USA
See the World Remedia Press
Sims Social PC game Electronic Arts
Social Skills Training for Children and Adolescents Autism Asperger Publishing Co.
States and Capitals Memoria Press
Stories of the Pilgrims MP3-CD Blackstone Audio, Inc.
Story of the Greeks Yesterday's Classics
Task Cards for American History Creek Eagle Press
Teaching Geography Through Art Visual Manna
Ten Days in (continent title) -game Out of the Box
The Adventures of Odysseus and the Tales of Troy CreateSpace Independent Pub. Platform
The American Story Knopf Books
The Best of the Mailbox: Social Studies The Education Center
The Complete Set of Notebooking Pages
The Great Wall of China Aladdin
The History of Us by Joy Hakim (Books and Guides, Assessments) Oxford University Press
The History Place
The Iliad for Boys and Girls SMK Books
The Lewis and Clark Expedition Avyx, Various
The Look It Up Book of Explorers Random House Books for Young Reader
The Mammoth Book of How it Happened Running Press
The Middle Ages (Cultural Atlas for Young People); Mongols Chelsea House Pub.
The Middle Ages by Wm. Chester Jordan Franklin Watts Pub.
The New Penguin Atlas of Medieval History Penguin
The No-Fault Classroom: Tools to Resolve Conflict & Foster Relationship Intelligence Puddledancer Press
The Pacific NW: Past, Present and Future Directed Media Publishers
The Renaissance: the Invention of Perspective Chelsea House Pub.
The Rise of the American Nation Harcourt
The Story of David Livingstone; Story of Mankind (Van Loon) Yesterday's Classics
The Wall Chart of World History Barnes & Noble
The Washington Journey Gibbs Smith
The World and Its People McGraw Hill
The World of Columbus and Sons Beautiful Feet
They Made America Little, Brown & Co.
This Country of Ours Wilder Publications
Time Soldiers Big Guy Books
Time Travelers History CD-ROM Homeschooling in the Woods
Trail Guide to Learning: Paths of Exploration Geography Matters
Trail Guide to U.S. History; World History Geography Matters
Tut's Mummy-Lost and Found Random House
Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide Geo Creations
Ultimate Lapbook Workbook Meggie Dee Press
Uncle Josh's Outline Map Book Geography Matters
Uniquely Washington Heinemann- Raintree
United States History Atlas
United States Cookbook Wiley
U.S. History by Downey, Giese & Metcalf West Publishing Co.
U.S. History Power Basics Walch Publications
United States Review Set Memoria Press
Visualize World Geography Tenderheart Press
Washington Doodles Sasquatch Books
Washington from Sea to Shining Sea Children’s Press
Washington- Past and Present by Dale and Laura Lambert Directed Media Publishers
Washington’s History by Harry Ritter West Winds Press
Wee Sing America (songs) Price Stern Sloan
Westward Ho! Pioneers Activity Book Chicago Review Press
What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets Material World
Where Children Sleep by James Mollison Chris Boot
World Almanac & Facts World Almanac
World History the Easy Way Barron's Educational Series
Your Story Hour: Heritage of Our Country Series CDs Your Story Hour
You Wouldn’t Want to be ... Children's Press

Foreign Language - Elective (in language arts or social studies. )
100 Chinese Characters Tuttle Publications
Artes Latinae Bolchazy Carducci Publications
Basic Structures. The Learnables: all languages offered International Linguistics Corp.
Bertliz Chinese-English Pocket Dictionary Berlitz
Bilingual Baby Spanish Brainy Baby
Bilingual Songs English-Spanish Jordan Music Productions
Cassel's Latin Dictionary Cassel's
Chinese Made Easy for Children Joint Publishing
Discovering Education - Spanish No. Arizonza University
Earth From Above - documentary in Chinese Editions Montparnasse
Ecoutez! Parlez! Learning French for Kids and Adults Newton Publications
First Start French, Latin Memoria Press
Getting Started with Latin Armfield Academic Press
Henle Latin Loyola Press
Home - documentary in Chinese Europa Corp
Instant Immersion Spanish Lab Topics Entertainment
Italian Verb Workbook Barron's Educational Series
Jumpstart Spanish Knowledge Adventure
La Clase Divertida-Level 1 La Clase Divertida
Latin for Children, Song School Latin Classical Academic Press
Latin Primer by Martha Wilson Canon Press
Learn Spanish in Your Car Spanish (Gr. 1-6) Penton Overseas, Inc.
Learn Spanish in Your Car Spanish (Gr. 1-6) Penton Overseas, Inc.
Libellus de Historia (A History Reader) Classical Academic Press
Lingua Latina Focus Publishing
Minimus: Starting Out in Latin Cambridge University Press
Muzzy Mandarin Chinese British Broadcasting Corp
Oxford & others (Languages) Dictionaries Oxford & various
Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series (Mandarin Chinese Series) BBC
Planet Earth – documentary in Chinese BBC
Pong Pong's Learning Adventure China Sprout
Power Glide Power Glide
Puertas Abiertas (Open Doors to Spanish) Heflin Thrall Lang. Pub.
Qiaohu’s World Mandarin Qiaohu Real World
Rocket American Sign Language Rocket Languages
Spanish in 10 Minutes a Day Bilingual Books
Spanish (Kids Learn Spanish) Twin Sisters Productions
Speechercise Twin Sisters Productions
The Everything Kids’ Spanish Book Adams Media Corporation
The Human Body - documentary in Chinese BBC
Walk into Tibet - documentary in Chinese Boying
Wild China- documentary in Chinese CCTV
Zhongwen by Liping Ma China Jinan University Press

Critical Thinking and Thinking Skills (see first page)
BambinoLuk, MinLuk (Kindergarten) Beyond 123
BrainBuilder Advanced Brain Technology
BrainGym: Simple Activities for Whole Brain Learning Edu Kinesthetics
Daily BrainStarters Lorenz Educational Press
Daily Warm-ups Logic Walch Publications
Daybook Critical Thinking Great Source Education Group
Integrated Listening Systems Integrated Listening Systems
Living Memory Quidnam Press
SAT in a Box Kaplan
Sky Island Mysteries (thinking skills educational software) Edmark
Socratic Circles: Fostering Critical and Creative Thinking in Middle and High School Stenhouse Publishers
Supermind Design Book and Tiles Leisure Learning
The Private Eye Kelly Ruef
Thinking Skills books [Play by the Rules, Gotta Think, etc.] Tin Man Press
You’re the Detective David R. Godine, Lawrence Treat

On-Line Educational Sites – the online sites listed below are supplemental since most are not “approved OSPI” courses. Any on-line or digital course used for more than 50% of student learning in a course must be an “OSPI approved” course. Only K12 is below.
Many of these sites are free. You may list these names below in the learning plan, any other online supplemental learning should be called “supplemental” in the learning plan and reviews.
History Heritage (some products, not online curriculum)
K12 (approved online provider)
Khan Academy (learn almost anything- free-supplemental)
Math Seeds* (lessons with games-incentives-for supplement)
Moby Max online,,
Reading Eggs* (lessons with games-incentives-for supplement) Blake E learning;,, Timez Attack (games, drills) (,

Autism and Social Skills
A 5 is Against the Law! Social Boundaries Autism Asperger Publishing Co.
Asperger Syndrome: An Owner’s Manual—What You, Your Parents & Teachers Need to Know Autism Asperger Publishing Co.
Dual Drive Pro Biofeedback Somatic Visions
EmWave Desktop Health Math
How to Teach Life Skills to Kids with Autism or Asperger’s Future Horizons
Incredible 5-Point Scale Assisting Students with Autism Spectrum Autism Asperger Publishing Co.
Self Help Skills for People with Autism Woodbine House
Socially Curious, Curiously Social: A Social Thinking Guidebook for Bright Teens and Young Adults North River Press
Social Skiils for Teenagers with Developmental and Autism Spectrum Disorders Routledge
Steps to Independence Brookes Publishing House
Teaching Conversation to Children with Autism Woodbine House
The Anger Workbook for Teens Instant Help
The Kitchen Classroom: 32 Visual GFCF Recipes to Boost Developmental Skills Woodbine House
The New Social Story Book, Revised and Expanded 10th Anniversary Edition Future Horizons
The No-Fault Classroom: Tools to Resolve Conflict & Foster Relationship Intelligence Puddledancer Press
The Social Success Workbook for Teens: Skill Building Activities for Teens with Nonverbal Learning Disorder, Asperger’s Disorder… Instant Help

Some Additional Teacher Resource Materials
A Journey Through Waldorf Homeschooling Nielsen
The Gift of Dyslexia by Ron Davis Souvenir Press, LTD
The Gift of Learning by Ron Davis PerigeeTarcher
In the Mind’s Eye by Thomas West Prometheus Books
Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens Touchstone
Show What You Know on the CCSS Show What You Know Publishing, Lorenz
Transforming the Difficult Child: the Nurtured Heart Approach Nurtured Heart Publications
Ultimate Lapbook Workbook Meggie Dee Press
Upping Your IQ MINDBody IQ Series
Upside Down Brilliance: The Visual Spatial Learner DeLeon Publishing, Inc.
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