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Instructions for 30 day reviews for Secondary (Grades 7-12)

Released: Sep 11, 2014



If you need help, PLEASE call the office (465-7700)

To login, type in the address:

• In the “pink” area Click on “LOGIN” and scroll down to the username and password. Type in your user name and password. (Call the office if you have misplaced your username or password). You should now see “Welcome and your user name” in the top left corner. This means you are logged into the program and can explore the software.

• In the “pink” area under “FAMILY”, choose student.

• In the “white” area click on your “STUDENT’S ID” that is underlined (this may say “None”).

• In the “white” area scroll down past the green box and click on the link, "Offsite Class Progress". Another window will open so you can click on the month to update. The "Offsite Class Progress" window will now show and you can view all of the classes that you entered on your ILP.

Please enter the 30 day review by finishing the following steps:

PROGRESS (Drop down box) - "Was satisfactory progress made in this offsite class this month?"

Fill in the “COMMENTS box”

For each subject:

1. What did your student learn or accomplish in this subject during the month? (skills, concepts, knowledge, etc.).

2. How was progress assessed (assignments, tests, projects, etc.) and what levels were achieved? (e.g. 95% accuracy or 5 hours per week)

Here are some examples:

For the month of February John worked on the following activities:
Week 1: Practiced shading and texture (5 hrs 15 mins)
Week 2: Completed two pieces of art using new shading skills (6 hrs)
Week 3: Watched “Draw Squad” PBS special on advanced shading and practiced new techniques in his sketch book (5 hrs 10 mins)
Week 4: Completed final shading art project and submitted it for local art contest (5 hrs)
John kept a log of his hours in his school binder.

*Week 1: Sophie reviewed 5th grade skills for 5 hours
*Week Two: Sophie completed two sections of Grammar 6 and learned about limiting and descriptive adjectives and predicted adjectives. Sophie did Lesson 1: study of prefixes, test score of 95%. Sophie read Beowulf for assigned reading and discussed the book. She also read one hour a day, books of her choosing. In Writing Sophie completed chapter one and two of Creative Writer and identified plot points of a story and spent time coming up with original story ideas
*Week Three: Sophie completed three more worksheets on limiting, descriptive, and predicated adjectives. For spelling Sophie completed lesson 2:review, no test, and lesson 3: compound words, test; 100%. Sophie wrote a one page paper on Beowulf and read The Door in the Wall for assigned reading. She also read books of her choosing for one hour per day. In Writing she completed two lessons where she worked on outlining and wrote a scientific description.
*Week Four: No school due to illness

For the month of February John worked on the following activities:
*Week 1: Attended the YMCA for 2 hours of swim lessons, ran each day (5 days) for 30 minutes each, and walked the dog twice (30 minutes each). Total: 5.5 hours
*Week 2: Attended the YMCA for 2 hours of swim lessons, ran each day (4 days) for 30 minutes each, and did just dance “sweat” on the Wii three times for 20 minutes each. Total: 5 hours
*Week 3: We took a trip to Hawaii. John swam in the pool every day for at least 30 minutes (6 days). He also played beach volleyball two days for one hour each. Total: 5 hours
*Week 4: Attended the YMCA for 2 hours of swim lessons, ran each day (5 days) for 30 minutes each, and walked the dog once (30 minutes). Total: 5 hours

*Week 1, 9/4 - 9/9: Daniel completed Lessons 1 - 4 which review place value, writing large numbers and comparing numbers. Lesson scores ranged from 88% - 100%. Daniel tracks his income and expenses on a chart weekly.
*Week 2, 9/10 - 9/16: Daniel completed Lessons 5 - 7 and Quiz 1. The lessons reviewed number sequences and mental adding and subtracting. Lesson scores ranged from 82 - 100% and he scored 100% on the quiz.
*Week 3, 9/17 - 9/23: Daniel completed Lessons 8, 11 and 13 reviewing the topics long addition and subtraction and regrouping. He scored 90% on Quiz 2. Lesson scores ranged from 86 - 94%. He watched the lectures for Lessons 9, 10 and 12 for review, but skipped the practice problems as he already knew their material.
*Week 4, 9/24 - 9/30: Daniel completed Lessons 14 - 17 with scores ranging from 89 - 95%. This week's lesson topics were multiplication and division.

COMPLETION: If the class is still ongoing, just leave at the default "no, work in this class is still ongoing."

SLP consultant's comments are for teacher's only.

You have two options: Save Draft or Submit for Approval.

When you have finished, scroll to the bottom of the page and select one of the three following options:

Box 1 – CANCEL – This will delete your work.

Box 2 – SAVE CHANGES - This will save your work so you can finish later.

Box 3 – SAVE & SUBMIT FOR REVIEW - (This button is only available after a specific date). This will save your work and be sent to your SLP consultant. You can not change your work after you submit.
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